The meaning behind your stones

Posted on 20 July 2016

So much more than just a beautiful piece of jewellery, it is also said that many semi-precious stones have a meaning, or purpose if you will, behind them.We reveal all, right here.

Image courtesy of charms of light

Agate - For Grounding and nourishment

Amber - For wealth, well being and nurturing

Amethyst - For protection, cleansing and intuition

Aquamarine - For peace and communication

Bloodstone - For purification, courage and vitality

Calcite - For cleansing, nurturing and healing

Chrysoprase - For love, healing and joy

Citrine - For imagination and clarity

Emerald - For love and compassion

Garnet - For self-worth and healing

Jade- For abundance, self-healing and energy

Labradorite - For intuition and journeying

Lapis - For vision, truth and awareness

Moonstone - For intuition and patience

Onyx - For focus and self-discipline

Peridot - For creativity and positivity

Rose Quartz - For love, trust and emotional healing

Ruby - For courage and passion

Smoky Quartz - For grounding, clearing and practical action

Topaz - For clarity and magnification

Tourmaline - For joy, love and emotional healing

Turquoise - For truth and communication

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