How to care for your jewellery

Posted on 19 July 2016

Want to keep those stunning stones sparkling? Here are a few essential tips

Watch the light and temperature

While we all know that the sun can be harmful for our skin, the same goes for gemstones, with the UV rays affecting their durability and colour causing possible fading or even damage over time. While the likes of amethyst and topaz are particularly vulnerable to fading, the likes of amber can actually darken with too much heat. So, if you want to keep your gems looking gorgeous, resist the urge to take them to the beach, and store in a cool, dry place.

Wash with care

Good news, ladies. When it comes to keeping those semi-precious stones clean, the easiest ways are also the safest. To make sure your stones don’t fade or scratch, rinse in good old soap and warm water before resting your pieces on a soft piece of lint-free cloth to dry. Softer is often better with semi-precious stones, but if you can’t resist the urge to give them a good scrub, use a clean make-up brush and go over the gems lightly.

Storage is everything

If you want to keep your jewellery looking as shiny and new as the first day you bought it, then you have to store it with care. Semi-precious stones, although durable, can be prone to scratches when met with hard materials, so ensure that each piece is stored separately, ideally within its own pouch, so that pieces don’t rub together. When it comes to necklaces, always make sure that the clasps are fastened to ensure that they don’t tangle with other pieces.

Where and when to wear

It might sound simple enough, but it’s so easy to forget to remove all jewellery before going to the gym/ doing exercise. Not only will the added sweat work towards tarnishing the gold plate, but the pressure of activity could also cause the jewellery to brake. The other point to note is particularly important for necklaces and bracelets; put all jewellery on after all make-up and perfume is applied as the chemicals could tarnish the gold plate and harm the stone's natural colour.

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