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Posted on 20 July 2016

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A perfect time- enduring wardrobe is an expensive yet wise investment. We bring you eight key pieces that are worth their weight in style gold.


When it comes to buying a classic pair of jeans, forget fashion trends, forget what looks good on the catwalk and concentrate on what looks good on you. With jeans being such a wardrobe staple, invest in a well-made, durable pair and you will soon reap the rewards of longevity. For those of us blessed with  curves, look for a bootcut option, which will balance larger thighs and in turn minimise waists. Boyish figures pull off the perennial fashion favourite of skinnies, which help to add curves where necessary. And for anyone in-between, then straight jeans, are your new best friend, helping to keep waist, leg and bottom areas in perfect proportion.

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If you think about it on a cost -per-wear basis, a good quality handbag will see a return on your investment and then some. Your handbag goes with you everywhere and is therefore the one wardrobe item that everyone sees. When choosing your investment bag, make sure you go for size over style. If you are the type of person who literally carries round the kitchen sink, then buying a small tote just because you love the style will not be a shrewd move. Several of fashion’s finest bags come in an array of sizes: Hermes Birkin and Goyard are two such examples. Last but not least, an investment bag is exactly that.Don’t be swayed by seasonal ‘it’ bags, go for something classic, something definitively you, and something you’ll love for seasons to come.

Evening dress

We’ve all sworn that we have nothing to wear before, so investing in an all-occasion-worthy, fabulous frock is the quickest way to go from glum to glam. Never underestimate the power of a beautifully made evening dress, it can provide you with a never ending supply of looks by simply adding or changing jewellery or alternating hairdo’s or shoes. For a simple yet effective option, look to the likes of Diane von Furstenberg for her glam wrap dresses.

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No matter what your age, or indeed your style, a well-made jacket is worth its weight when it comes to staying power. It will prove essential for windy nights during rainy season or that chic European getaway. Being one of the first items people see when you enter a room, it is important to find a style that, firstly, fits your shape and will also make a statement about you. A useful rule of thumb when it comes to finding your perfect investment jacket is to pick one that will complement most of the items in your wardrobe, so don't be swayed by trends.


As we go from searing heat to arctic air-conditioning, the cardigan reigns supreme as the handiest of all investment staples. Don’t let the look of the mere cardigan fool you, nothing changes an outfit quicker than a well-made Missoni shrug or keeps you warmer on a long distance flight than a Philip Lim cashmere number. The cardigan is no one-trick pony either, as it can be worn several different ways. For a preppy look, try knotting it over your shoulders or balance it over them in a cape-like fashion for a more distinguished look.


Sunnies are the A-list fashion item of choice for good reason. Not only can they magically enhance the features of your face, they hide a multitude of sins. Finding your perfect pair of shades takes patience, you need to try, try and try again. Take into account your face shape and the frame colour to ensure you don’t disappear into your specs. For a fail-safe option, an aviator shape suits most faces and for the braver among us, a clear-lens pair are sure to get people talking.

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If there is one thing every woman needs, it is an array of beautiful, where everywhere jewellery. The best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to picking jewellery is listen to your heart, which piece makes your heart beat faster and which piece are you immediately imagining wearing with just about everything in your wardrobe. It’s about colour, it’s about shape, because nothing says more about you than the jewellery you choose.


No matter how you might be feeling on any given day, nothing perks up a mood quite like slipping on a pair of beautiful heels and strutting about feeling feminine. Not only do they provide you with an often essential few extra inches, high heels will also make your legs appear longer and leaner and your stomach flatter. For those unaccustomed with towering heights favoured by so many designers, a two to three inch heel will be both easy to walk in and provide that extra bit of swagger. For heel pros, the footwear world is your oyster but the likes of Bionda Castana and Jimmy Choo top our lists for their sheer genius craftsmanship.

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