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Posted on 20 July 2016

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From perfect pool party swimwear to a dry cleaner on speed dial, we give you 20 stylish essentials every girl should know and have.

An oversized clutch - However much we try and kid ourselves that we only need our smart phone, credit card and lip gloss on a night out, a Mary Poppins style evening bag never goes a miss. This season, we can’t get enough of Fendi’s maxi offerings.

Killer heels. As the saying goes, the higher the heel, the closer to heaven. That perfect pair of statement heels will turn you from drab to fab in one simple click of your fine footwear and once you master the stiletto strut, there’s no turning back.

Perfect Swimwear. Stripping down on the beach can be daunting to say the least, which is why we all need as much help as we can get when it comes to swimwear. A perfect swimsuit will hug you in all the right places and show off your best assets rather than expose the less so. Still not sure what looks good? Our advice is to head on over to the swimwear department at the likes of Takashimaya or TANGS, where you can try on any number of their plethora of pieces until you find that perfect beach buddy.

A jewellery box. Now, we know what you are probably thinking, but no, we don’t mean the sort where the little ballerina pops up and does a dance to Mozart when you open the lid. We mean a grown-up, chic storage space that will not only look pretty on your dressing table, but will keep your jewellery in tip-top, tarnish-free shape. The best kind of jewellery box will not only have multiple drawers to help you categorise your jewellery (perfect for all those with a touch of OCD), but will be lined in velvet, ideal to help keep your jewellery scratch and tarnish free.

A good hairdresser. Yes we know this doesn’t exactly fall under fashion but, as the legendary Iris Apfel once said ‘If your hair looks good, you can get away with anything’, which is is why a hairdresser comes top of our list of must-have every single time. A good hairdresser believe it or not isn’t a yes person, he or she is someone who will listen to what you want and then advise on what you should do. A bit like a game of tug of war, a good hairdresser will reign in any crazy ideas that will leave you sobbing at the end of the session. So, who do we recommend? Without a shadow of a doubt, Kim Robinson. They might be pricey, but they sure are good.

The perfect arm candy. We don’t know about you, but we never quite feel fully dressed without a bracelet. While for day to day, we need something that won’t catch on our clothes or clunk when we type, for evening we adopt a far more no holds barred approach. So, what’s on our list? Daytime chic is finished perfectly thanks to the Ruby Bangle and evening chic is perfected with our Blue Topaz Bracelet. 

Super sunnies. Here at Poppy & Maria Jewellery we might just have a slight sunglasses obsession, owning something southwards of 40 pairs between us. Anyway, an addiction that’s not totally impractical, the perfect sunglasses can finish off that ensemble in a flash. Plus, one can never have enough shades in sunny Singapore. 

An Investment handbag. While we are on the topic of obsessions, we admit, handbags are yet another one of our weaknesses. Bags are a big business in Singapore, so much so that it is now not considered out of the ordinary to see one with its own seat at dinner. While we like the likes of a classic Chanel, Givenchy or Celine, Gucci tops the poll this season for their stunning selection.

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A statement ring. Ok, ok, one last confession: we go weak at the knees for a statement ring. Big, bold and brilliant, our Green Onyx ring tops our must-have list every time.

A good dry cleaner. If you never wear your Ostrich feather skirt, leather leggings or sequined dress for fear of getting them dirty - get them out of your closet and wear them with sartorial abandon as Singapore is swimming with superb dry cleaners. For everyday wear, we favour Presto dry cleaners but for the more lavish party wear, there’s nowhere better than Jeeves.

A Facialist. Skin is like any living organism and needs constant love and attention, particularly from an expert who knows their stuff. Find one who understands you as well as your skin. It’s important you strike a good relationship, and great skin will follow.

A signature scent. Finding the scent of scents takes time and a whole lot of testing, but when you find it, much like true love, you will just know. While we love the floral tones of Dipitique, Escentials in Paragon has a sterling selection of a whole host of unique scents.


A 24-hour frock. As equally perfect for smart days in the office, or for dinner party chic dressed up with killer heels, a wear-everywhere, wear-anywhere dress is one of the most useful items for your wardrobe.

A scarf. One of the most versatile accessories of any season, a patterned or colour scarf is a style must. Plus, with the often over-zealous air conditioning in Singapore, it can double as your most useful accessory.


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A necklace. Have you ever been in the situation where you love your outfit but there’s just something about it that doesn’t quite pop? Well, we can guess what was missing here; a necklace. The perfect sartorial saviour, the right necklace will take you from ummmm to hell yeah in a flash.

An impeccable beauty routine. Soap and water just doesn’t cut the mustard. Living in sunny climates such as ours calls for a minimum of SPF 15 each and every day. Help your skin fight the damaging effects of constant air-conditioning with a an intensive moisturiser that sinks into your skin in a second for day, like Sisley’s Intensive Day Cream and for night, we like nothing better than the twice weekly ritual of Clarins’ moisture surge face mask.

Tod’s loafers. It’s a style war out there ladies, and there is nothing better for keeping your fashion game up while you pound the walkways of Orchard Road than a comfy pair of Tod’s.

A good jeweller on speed dial. That’s right ladies, no matter what you are looking for, Poppy & Maria’s stunningly curated selection of semi-precious, gold plated silver wears are sure to satisfy in a second.

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