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Posted on 31 March 2017

Green Tourmaline Studs

Every designer has a different process. Some travel to distant parts of the world for inspiration, some spend hours producing mood boards. For us, the process is somewhat more straightforward. With our inspirations always coming from our childhood, the birthplace of our jewellery obsession, we pour over archive pieces, pictures and memories to find pieces that really set our hearts racing. 

From there, the whole process takes several months, dozens of sketches, dozens of changes and multiple prototypes until the perfect piece is revealed. Some pieces we thought possible become impossible and some pieces our hopes weren't too high for quickly become our favourites. But that's the beauty of being on the other side of jewellery - on the creation side. After hours of changes, of compromises, of finding ideas to make things better, to see the final product in all it's glory is just magical, and that's truly what makes our jewellery so special. The hours of care, the days of thought and the weeks of preparation so each and every piece is not only the very best quality, but the most beautiful and most unique it can be is what sets us apart from the rest. We want those days and weeks we spend dreaming and creating to be poured into pieces you can wear forever.


And now, to reveal our favourite pieces of the collection:


Lapis blue jade cuff

Lapis Blue Jade Cuff

I knew with this collection that I really wanted to create a cuff. Our bracelets in our debut collection had all been very dainty and I thought now was the time to really create something with a wow factor. I wanted the feel to be very Ancient Rome, so the metal to be slightly hammered and the lines not to be clean and that's exactly what we got. The cuff took the longest to create and I'm so happy we persevered. 


blue topaz earrings

Blue Topaz Earrings

My favourite piece of the last collection was by far the Blue Topaz Bracelet, so I knew I really wanted to do something with this stone for our next collection. I just love the way it shines and thought the perfect thing to do with the stone would be to put it in a pair of earrings so it really catches the light. The inspiration for the earrings came from the Art Deco period as I wanted a really timeless design and that's exactly what we got. 

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