Jewellery Personality

Posted on 29 August 2016

So much more than just an accessory, the jewellery we choose and wear can speak volumes about our personality. Want to know what yours are saying about you? Read on.

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Bold and Bling
If your tastes veer more to statement pieces, you are most likely a confident person who loves a good party and enjoys being the centre of attention. Our Blue Topaz Bracelet and Amethyst and Gold Ring would be perfect for you.
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All things bright and beautiful
If you never shy away from a colour, then you are most likely reflecting your arty, creative side through your jewellery. You would love our Lapis Bracelet and our Ruby Earrings.
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Chic and Classic
Love your jewellery but don't want to shout it from the rooftops? We get you, understated pieces can often be the most stunning of all. The Labradorite Necklace and Green Amethyst and Hydro Stud Earrings will fit nicely into your low-octane glamour wardrobe.
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Love a Layer
Why choose one piece when you can choose three or four, or even five? If your mantra is the more the merrier then your bold and creative, fashion conscious spirit will love our Purple and Green Amethyst Bracelet, our Moonstone and Lapis Ring and Aqua Calci and Green Onyx Necklace. 

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