New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on 27 December 2016

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If you are anything like us, the lead up to New Year will be filled with thoughts of what to change next year, as well as kilos of chocolate and prosecco. With that in mind, we ask five girls what they vow to change for the coming year.


Lily, London I say this every single year, but in 2017 I vow to give up sugar. It seems everywhere I look and everything that I read is telling me how bad it is for me, how aging it is for my skin, how it piles on the pounds. Well, this is my year to kick my habit. Realistically, I give it about a month.


Fran, Singapore I can not tell you how many pieces of jewellery I own and lose – they just seem to slip between my fingers. Maybe because I don’t properly invest in things or maybe because I’m just a bit of a ditz, but this year I’m going to make two resolutions. One is to invest in some good, solid pieces, like the Lapis Bracelet and two is, to actually take care of my things!


Drew, London It’s simple: this year, I need to stop swearing as much. My potty mouth is getting worse than ever and embarrassingly, my young kids seem to have picked up on it.


Ingrid, Sweden It’s not that I don’t take time to put my outfit together, it’s just that I always seem to forget accessories and I’m always in awe of how people look so chic with those finishing touches. So, I’m getting a head start on my resolutions by putting some of Poppy & Maria’s pieces on my Christmas list so I can finally start accessorising.


Sophie, Singapore This year I am not going to buy any gym memberships, I am not going to sign up for any nail packages, I am not going to renew my waxing bundle early. Since moving to Singapore, I can’t tell you how many packages I have been talked into, and how much money I have wasted signing up for courses I forget about or never finish. So, this year, it’s pay as you go for me.


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