Style Rules

Posted on 26 September 2016

We all know that rules are made to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion, so calling this article 'Style Rules' might not really be accurate but think of this list as a general guide to mantras to help you in your daily style life.

Dress for the occasion

It might sound simple enough, but dressing for where you are going and what you are doing can be harder than you think. So often we think of what we want to wear and not what we should wear that mistakes can happen to the most fashionable of us. In a world where we are judged on first appearances, we really want to make the best first impression, and one of these ways is by making sure we fit in, as fashionably as possible, of course.

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It's all in the fit

It doesn't matter how much you spend on the dress, if it doesn't fit, it will look like it came from the dollar store. If it's bagging in certain areas, get to that tailor and get it made to fit like a glove and if you can see knicker lines or bra bulges, put it back on that rack immediately. 

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Make it your signature

Can't stay away from those monochromes? Potty about prints? Great, you have found your signature style. While it's easy to think it's boring to stick to what you have, finding a fashion signature is worth its weight in gold - just be sure to mix it up now and again to add a bit of excitement into your wardrobe.

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Perfect Proportions

In the words of the late, great Coco Chanel; "fashion is architecture, it is a matter of proportions." What did she mean? Well it's simple really, it's all about ying and yang. Got an oversized, voluminous skirt? Then ensure your top is more fitted to avoid looking like the michelin man and so on and so on.

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It's all about you

This might seem like a simple thing, but in reality, it's not. The one style rule to really follow is the one that will make you look the most stylish, the most fashionable and the most fabulous at all times. What is it? It's to dress for yourself. Forget trends, forget what your favourite Instagram stars are parading down the streets, if you wear what you like, and have confidence in what you wear, you will never put a fashion foot wrong. 

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