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Posted on 06 June 2017

Weddings have become somewhat of a specialty of mine of late; I have attended an eye-watering total of 30 and one thing that I have discovered is that wedding attendance takes a certain amount of skill.

You must be prepared for plenty of small talk, the swift introduction to dinner table seating partners and, as my dear friend and I realized on Saturday, you have also got to be able to nail the art of outfit recycling. Seeing as most wedding pictures make their way onto one social networking site or another, spotting people’s doubling-up of ensembles has become like a game of name and shame.

Luckily help is at hand: just follow a few of my handy steps and you’ll the most stylish guest at any wedding.

1. Know your audience. While I know that the bride-to-be in July, a long-term Vogue staffer, will love my head turning Blue Calci earrings, I would pretty much bet my Dior satchel on the fact that the same can not be said for August’s bride, the ex’s future wife. This potential minefield of a situation calls for something chic, yet sexy, that says I’m happy for you, with a side of look what you could have had. Remember the day is not about you (unless you’re the bride) and no-one wants to be snubbed by the happy couple just because of a wrong style move. 

2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Unless you have an aircraft hanger for a wardrobe like Claudia Schiffer, you will need to re-use your frocks and this is where careful accessorizing comes in. That peach lace dress you wore with Lapis Bracelet and a cream fascinator can be transformed into a brand new ensemble by swapping the fascinator for a gold hairband, the bracelet for a cuff and throwing on a wrap.

3. Be prepared. A wedding is a marathon not a sprint and nothing looks worse at the end of the evening than a girl walking around with blistered, bare feet. With up to eight hours of attendance to look forward to, if heels aren’t your deal, then simply don’t wear them or if you can’t bare your feet to be that close to the ground, be prepared. Swap the perennial wedding favourite clutch for a more practical option of a tote, we love anything from Dior this season, ideal to carry a pair of flats for when it all becomes too much.

image courtesy of brag my bag

4. Dare to be different. We all love the high street but what we don’t like is turning up to a wedding looking like a clone of all the other female guests. If a certain Topshop dress is a best seller, chances are a quick glance round the wedding reception will yield two or three sightings, so think outside the box. Some of my favourite and my most treasured finds (including my vintage Chanel evening wedding dress) have been found in vintage shops and luckily the internet is an Aladdin’s cave of vintage treats. Yes, they often need a thorough Dettol and maybe some alteration but a unique, semi bespoke dress is worth its weight in fashion gold. 

5. Finally, and most importantly, don’t wear white. It might sound simple enough but you would be amazed by how many people I have seen at weddings wearing a tone a little too close to comfort to the bride’s. So unless you are planning to bogart the wedding and throw your own impromptu ceremony there and then, keep the whites and even the creams for another day. 

Image courtesy of celebitchy



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