Life changing Pieces

Posted on 02 January 2017


Well, ok, maybe not quite change your life, but there is no underestimating how important one special piece of jewellery really can be. Here we talk to five ladies about the piece of jewellery that changed their accessory game forever.


Anna, London It sound cliché but the piece of jewellery that really did change my life was my engagement ring. I hadn’t been dating my now husband for long, but knew that I wanted to be with him forever. He whisked me off to Rome where he presented me with my gorgeous 3 carat cushion cut ring and obviously I said yes! Every time I look down at my hands I remember that special weekend and think how lucky I am.


Rachel, Singapore Growing up, I was always in awe of my Grandmother. Not only did she have the most amazing collection of jewellery, but she lived life to the very fullest – she had an amazing sense of humour and whenever I think about her, I remember her being the life and soul of any situation. When it came to her jewellery, I loved all of her pieces but there was one piece that I could never take my eyes off; it was a big diamond surrounded by a lapis base and it was breath taking. I remember as a child asking if I could wear it and always getting the same answer; that I wasn’t ready for a ring like that yet. Sadly she died four years ago and she left me the ring in her will. As soon as I inherited it, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head; I had been unhappy in my relationship and job for a while and as soon as I slipped the ring on I felt like I needed to do it justice. I quit my job and left my boyfriend and embarked on a trip round Asia. While I’ll never be as bold as my Granny, the trip did lead me to Singapore and to my now husband and I couldn’t be happier.


Sarah, Singapore Lucy and I were born in the same hospital, on the same day. We lived down the road from each other our whole lives and were basically inseparable. Three years ago my husband got offered a dream job in Singapore which meant leaving everything and everyone we knew behind, in particular Sarah. On the day we were leaving, Sarah came round to say goodbye and gave me a stunning gold locket with a picture of us as kids in. No matter how far away I am, or how long it is that I haven’t seen her in, when I have the locket on, she will always be close by.


Petra, Sweden My bracelet isn’t the most expensive or the most glamorous, but its sentimental value makes it priceless. I pointed it out on a shopping trip to my younger brother a few years ago and mentioned how much I liked it. He was only 18 then and at university so imagine my surprise when he gave it to me for my birthday. He had taken extra jobs and saved up so he could afford to give it to me – I was, and still am, bowled over by the gesture.


Poppy, London Maria and I talked about setting up our own jewellery business for quite a while before being brave enough to take the plunge. Starting the business was both equally exciting and nerve racking, full of huge highs and real wobbly moments! Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the pieces you have dreamt of and worked on for months finally coming into fruition, and for me, our Signature Ring is my baby of the collection. It was the first piece we designed and made and symbolises so much to me.

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