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Posted on 19 October 2016

In this week's Wonderful World series, we talk to the very wonderful Sophie Ferguson Jones. When it comes to fashion, it's more a case of what hasn't she done, with her decade long experience seeing her working for the likes of Gucci, US Vogue and helping to launch British Grazia. Now in Singapore working as a freelance stylist, we talk to her about her new life in Asia and if her style has changed since becoming a mummy.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Consume as much news as possible! I split my work between UK and Singapore so I normally have a full days worth of emails to get through before my baby wakes up.

A typical day for me goes something like this:

I’ve always been an early riser, something my son seems to have inherited. Once he’s up and fed, I leg it to a work out - normally in the Botanical Gardens, such beautiful surroundings can only put you in a good headspace for the rest of the day. From 9am no day is ever the same being a freelancer, I could be on a fashion shoot,
trend forecasting, planning a future editorial or at a soft play gym with my little one - the joys of being your own boss.

I got into the fashion industry by ..

Starting early! My first work placement was at Marie Claire UK when I was 17, then I interned, interned and interned. Some of my best stories are from those days - working with Kate Moss, delivering Anna Wintour her daily coffee and doing a lot of dry cleaning runs.

If I knew then what I know now, I would …

Be fearless! Any idea could be the next big thing especially in this digital age - forget your inhibitions and just go for it.

How would you describe your style?

Yikes, a total mishmash! I feel it’s my prerogative to trial out lots of styles and trends, if I didn’t I’d feel like a fraud. One of the best things about fashion is how it can transform your mood and how you feel.

Sophie Ferguson Jones picture

If I could raid one person’s jewellery box it would be …

Grace Kelly - having recently visited the Van Clef exhibition I fell in love with all the pieces she owned, those 1920’s deco cigarette boxes are just exquisite.

What’s the best fashion secret you have ever learnt?

It’s fun to experiment and contrast pieces that shouldn't work together but just do! If we didn’t style wouldn’t exist.

For me, no outfit is complete without …

A statement accessory - it exudes confidence. Be it a fierce shoe, a vintage clutch or a killer piece of jewellery that speaks volumes and is a good conversation starter.

No matter how busy I am each day, I make sure that I ...

Tell my nearest and dearest I love them.

Sophie can be found on Instagram @sophiefergusonjones and her website here



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