• Natural Uncut Diamond Necklace
  • Natural Uncut Diamond Necklace
  • Natural Uncut Diamond Necklace

Poppy & Maria

Natural Uncut Diamond Necklace

SGD $90.00


Don't get us wrong, we love big jewellery, but sometimes it's the small things that make the most impact, and that's exactly where our Natural Uncut Diamond necklace comes in. Small enough not to overpower an outfit but sparkly and pretty enough to make a real impact, this is one of our favourites in the new collection.


Natural Uncut Diamonds on Black Wax Setting

Sterling silver

Multi-loop fastening

Weight: 5 gms

Due to the nature of natural stones, and due to the fact that all our stones are hand-cut, inclusions do occasionally occur. This in no way affects the quality of the stones or means that they are inferior, quite the opposite. 

Care instructions:

Avoid contact with water, perfume, body lotions etc.

Store in pouch or box provided, separate from other jewellery pieces.

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